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It is important to be aware of the age of the property you are looking at, as in many areas the character homes (built before 1946) may have restrictions on them regarding removal, demolition, renovation. Restrictions may particularly apply to homes on small lots (under 450sqm or with less than 15m frontage.) It is not difficult to access information from Brisbane City Council regarding individual properties.

If you are contemplating renovations/extensions be sure to check zoning, local area plans which affect our area. eg. Walter Taylor South. For more information visit

Most contracts are subject to obtaining a satisfactory Building & Pest inspection by a qualified inspector. Be aware that in Queensland many pest inspectors are also in the business of selling treatments. Ask about council approvals for extensions etc.


Check the zoning and council town plan rules for the size of the block you are considering buying.

If contemplating removing an existing dwelling, check that this is allowed. Much of our area is a Demolition Control Precinct.
To read more visit……

You may also need soil tests.

Units / Townhouses

You must be presented with a Body Corporate Disclosure Statement from the seller/seller's agent. Check whether the Body Corporate allows pets, if this is important to you.
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