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4. HOW TO SELL FOR MORE...Tips for selling


Price is "King" in real estate!
Marketing and the condition of a property are often touted as the reasons a house does not sell - but "PRICE" is the real factor stopping the sale. Pricing your home correctly will attract the right buyers. The first 30 days on the market are the most crucial, it doesn't matter how much marketing you do if the price is too high! I will be able to provide you with a comparative market analysis. This outlines recent market sales and can provide a valuable guide as to a current market value of your home. I will also advise you how to market in such a way as to avoid pricing too high.


Skilled marketing is essential to attract prospective buyers. The right marketing programme needs to be tailored for your home and your needs. Choosing the right agent may greatly improve the exposure of your property to the right buyers. The more buyers that know about your property the better the price achieved! An agent with a high profile and considerable experience in your area can be a great asset here!


"Staging" your home for sale can enhance its appeal and give you a competitive edge against all other homes on the market. Impressing the buyer does not need to be a costly exercise but can ultimately have a significant impact on the time taken to sell and sale price achieved.
Spending a few hundred dollars on sprucing, painting and making minor repairs can pay you back thousands in a higher sale price!


How To Make Your Home Look Great and Sell Quickly!

Our experience shows that creating an inviting atmosphere inside your home can increase its appeal and desirability....
View your home with a critical eye. Clean, polish, paint, complete minor repairs, and add all the special touches.

A) Maximise your space
B) Make a good first impression for the buyer
C) Kitchen Tips
D) Entrance Tips
E) Bathroom Tips
F) Living Room Tips (Applies to entire home)
G) Dining Room Tips
H) Bedroom Tips
I) Landscaping, Exterior and Yard
J) Garage Tips
K) Pet Tips
L) General Hints & Tips

M) Around Doors and Windows

N) Floors and Carpets
0) Storage Areas, Cupboards and Benches
P) Garage or Workshop
Q) Presenting a Small house

Maximise Your Space

Paint rooms light neutral colours.
Remove unnecessary pieces of furniture.
Clean out garage. Clean out under the house!
Rent a storage unit for extra items - Have a garage sale.
Remove small pictures from the walls.
Remove items from benchtops.
Put in higher wattage light bulbs.
Remove some toys to storage unit.
Take extra leaf out of dining room table.
Check walk flow to make sure potential buyers don't have to walk around furniture.

Make a good first impression for the buyer

Repaint exterior, if needed (may need touch up).
Pressure wash the home and driveway. Sweep the front verandah.
Keep newspapers and junk mail picked up.
Clean / paint /or replace gutters, as needed.
Clean windows.
Use quick greening fertilizer on the lawn - Ammonium sulphate, urea, or ammonium nitrate.
Cut and edge the lawn. Freshen mulched areas
Remove children's toys and bikes around doorways.
Remove leaves from lawn and roof.


Clean the kitchen from top to bottom.
Clean the oven.
Clean the refrigerator.
Remove all refrigerator magnets and other items.
Put away most small appliances.
Put away items off benchtops.
Clean the inside of the dishwasher.
Clean out drawers to eliminate fears of too little space.
Paint the kitchen a neutral colour.
Light colour is best for kitchen cabinets - Paint or update.
Change cupboard knobs or clean very well.
Remove pet dishes, toys and litter boxes from kitchen.
Remove curtains in kitchen. Make it sunny!
If the laundry room is off the kitchen, make sure it's uncluttered, neat and clean.

Entrance Tips

Paint front door.
Repair screen door.
New door mat at entry.
Clean cobwebs from the doorway.


Clean ceramic tiles and grout.
Repair loose or cracked tiles.
Downplay dated ceramic tile colours with white towels.
Buy a new shower curtain - Avoid patterns.
Shine chrome fixtures -- Stiff brush with white vinegar works well.
Remove stains from basin.
Repair leaky taps.
Remove personal toiletries on display.
Glue down wallpaper where it's loose or curling.
Use fancy basket for books and magazines.
Repair or replace exhaust fan.
Place out your best towels as if visitors were coming.
Clean soap dishes, mirrors, taps and appliances
Regrout tiles in shower if needed.
Scrub toilets, and mould in shower tiles.
Be conscious of odours caused by dampness and rubbish bins.

Living Room (Applies to Entire Home)

Put away collections (figurines and fragile items).
Make sure that your furniture arrangement and flow create a spacious atmosphere.

All wallpaper should be clean and adhere smoothly to the walls. Replace if you have to.
Accent your home with flowers or candles to add to the home's welcoming appeal.

Store any political or religious mementos, as well as any business or sports awards (you want the potential buyer to think of the home as theirs and they may not have the same interests that you do).
Just a few family photos.
Silence any squeaky floors.
Remove any crowded furniture - Open the rooms up!

Dining Room

Place fresh-cut flowers in a vase on the table
Light, then blow out candles.


Make all beds, polish glass, dust shelves, vacuum carpets and touch-up walls with paint as necessary.

Clean bedspread.
Make the beds every day.
Be sure children's toys are put away.
Remove any bulky furniture. Make rooms appear large.
Paint the walls with a light, neutral colour.
Clean out wardrobes - Make them appear as if there is plenty of room to spare.
Organize shoes on shoe racks.

Landscaping, Exterior and Yard

Keep lawn trimmed and groomed.
Have house washed down if necessary
Clean gutters, paint if needed.
Repair fences.
Replace any rotten wood.
Paint or freshen up fence, clean deck, and re-stain if needed.
Prune trees if too close to home.
Add colour to landscaping where needed.
Blow off grass clippings and leaves from driveway, paths and patios
Pressure wash driveway if needed.
Add some fresh mulch where needed.
Clean pool as needed - check it complies with current legislation.
Remove dead trees or shrubs
Remove leaves, dead branches, weeds and debris
Rubbish bins - store neatly.


Make garage look functional and well organized.
Keep laundry uncluttered.
Move any extra boxes and unnecessary items to your storage unit.


It's recommended that pets be kept somewhere else during the time your home is on the market. If that isn't possible, please let us know the names and location (backyard, etc.) of the pets. If you have a pet you don't want let out of the home (the cat?), please be sure to inform us. Avoid pet smells or droppings.

General Hints and Tips

Please don't be home for inspections. The buyer will spend more time looking if the seller is not there. Go to the neighbours. Walk the dog. If you have to be at home, go to another part of the house while the prospective buyers are in one area. The goal is to have the potential buyer think of the home as theirs.

Open all curtains, drapes and blinds during the day.
For evening inspections, turn on all the lights before you leave.
If anything is broken, you must disclose the issue. Even easier ... have it fixed!
Don't store valuables in sight - place jewellery in drawers or store away from home.
After your shower, dry the glass with a towel.
Please refrain from smoking in the home. Remove all ashtrays. Remove strong cooking and pet odours.

Around Doors and Windows

Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door.
Clean the front entrance.
Remove any mould in the brick or on the concrete.
Blow away grass clippings or leaves.
Add fresh colorful flowers or plants on each side of front door in a planter.
Be sure door locks work properly.
Oil hinges to both doors and windows.
Keep stairways extra tidy and secure handrails.
Cut back overgrown outdoor plants and shrubs that restrict natural light.
Keep windows clean and tidy with curtains & blinds firmly attached and in proper working order.
Keep blinds and plantation shutters open to let in natural light.

Floors and Carpets

Repair or replace missing or damaged tiles.
Add a new coat of sealer for your hardwood floors if they are dull.
Steam-clean or shampoo carpets. Then keep them vacuumed before inspections.
Secure loose carpeting.
Be conscious of odours caused by dampness and pets.


Get rid of clutter. Ample storage space increases the desirability of the home.
Neatly arrange kids toys and games.
Discard, give to charity or hold a garage sale to get rid of all unwanted items of old clothing
Keep wardrobes organized and tidy.
Store items that you do not use frequently. Discard any unnecessary items.
Store infrequently used items to allow a spacious look in the kitchen and bathroom.
Take magnets and drawings off the cupboards and refrigerator.
Polish wood and benchtops.
Put away those extra appliances and containers.
Keep drawers and cupboards tidy and organized.

Garage or Workshop

Items should be neatly stored on shelving or wall units.
Get rid of debris, old paint cans, and those old newspapers.
Have a garage sale.
Allow appropriate space for the homebuyer to visualize their vehicle or workbench.
Consider moving excess or over-sized items to mini-storage.

Tips for Presenting a Small House

With the median size of new homes on the rise, you might worry about trying to sell your home if it's on the small side. Indeed, the size of the typical new single-family home continues to grow. Some of today's buyers are using the extra space for guest rooms, but many are incorporating home offices, studies or media rooms into their homes. Despite the trends, small homes have their own advantages when you're selling. For starters, there's a strong demand for entry-level homes. So, if your smallish home is on the market, you'll want to do everything you can to get top dollar for it.
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Some things to think about when you're preparing your home for an OPEN include:

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